1. November 19, 2013

    at least a little drawing

    I’ve been frequenting a sketch group in order to meet a few new people and get my pencils out once in a while.

    Activities included a trip to a sculpture park in Jingan .

    I’ve really been looking for life drawing but it seems nudes are not permitted here ( which seems slightly at odds in a city with a prevalence of prostitution.) But we did get to draw a pensive pirate, not quite the barrel chested jolly type of pirate you’d expect.



    scuplture park 1 copy scuplture park 2 copy scuplture park 3 pirate 2 pirate 3 pirate 4 pirate ¡ pirate 5

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  2. September 15, 2013

    Stormy old weather

    weather. One upside to high summer temperatures is the frequent and dramatic thunderstorms. Locals don’t seem to be as bothered, but i feel that same excitement as when at primary school your teacher announces that is a ‘wet play time’ and we all have to stay in the classroom while the rain pores down outside.lightning2

    lightning1one night the lightning was like a constant chitter chatter , the sky was dark but when there was a bolt of lightning you could suddenly see the cloudscape illuminated.  video nightime lightning

    12345thunder bolts and lightning very very frightening…i got caught off guard by this lightning strike which was right over head and i couldn’t help but let out a nervous giggle. it really does sound like the heavens are being ripped open ( maybe u need the sound up for it come accross) i accidentally put some colourization mode on my camera so it looks a bit like Mars surprise 2

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  3. August 27, 2013

    me on food in me, in shanghai

    food is of course the most important and most interesting thing about being anywhere.

    my initial enthusiasm to try and eat as many weird and wonderful things as possible was tempered by some digestion disharmony, so i’ve started to cook for myself a little more as time has gone on. Duck tongues (gristly), Jelly fish , snake (chewy), bullfrog (meaty) and plenty of miscellaneous meat have been consumed.

    snake for dinner

    Highlights include garlic marinated cucumber ( as a cold starter covered in so much garlic you can taste it for days), my first hotpot (bowl of ferociously boiling stock on a gas burner set into the table, into which you throw your meat and veg and then attempt to rescue it form the maelstrom) and some chilli dishes that make your mouth tingle like you’ve just had a packet of space dust. quite a lot of the greens are stir-fried with oil and bits of bacon or shrimp, this is in my opinion how vegetables should be consumed.

    Although many restaurants that cater for the more authentic Chinese crowd get busy at 6pm and close quite early the more shady streets become a hive of activity after dark with street vendours rocking up to stir fry late night suppers. i particularly like the little charcoal grills, meat and vegetable skewers are laid out to the side you just need choose what you like the look of and hand it to the man on the grill. he brushes it with oil and seasoning and fans the coals. the selection below set me back about £1.50food1

    Restaurant etiquette is pretty much do what you want, which is a comfort when you feel a bit out of place. its not unusual to see someone spark up a cigarette whilst everyone else is eating , yesterday i watched a guy eat with one hand as he was smoking with the other.

    eating 1


    tv belly

    Menu’s are a great source of translations gone wrong. they were probably poetic names in chinese but in english they are dishes such as ‘knife bean anti-inflammatory’, ‘wood shall be meat’, ‘old to let them know money belly’and ‘basin of hypodermal’ yummy!.

    i came across this neon lit street not far from my flat the other night, every restaurant has wriggling piles of crayfish waiting to be cooked (look bottom right) and there was lots of grilling of oysters and clams. i’ll get up the courage to go back there and eat. i did see some sick on the road let’s hope its because a local had too much tsingtao

    seafood street

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  4. August 5, 2013

    the bigg(er) city

    So after much flying , much sweating (in Shanghai’s hottest July for 140years) , quite a lot of flat hunting, pretending i can speak chinese ( yes i would like my beer in a glass. oh…… that’s fine i completely understood what you were trying to tell me and i agreed in full knowledge that you wanted to fill my glass with ice. mmm beer and ice. thankyou.) i’m settled in mega city.

    having looked at plenty of characterful old lane houses i decided to embrace the country’s delight in ridiculous scale. this means i am on the 34th floor of building, i can see the horizon, and the horizon is more tall buildings. though thankfully i’m not entirely surrounded by the new face of shanghai. Directly below and around ‘Goodwin Towers’ or ‘Tour d’alex’ is much of the reaming old town. With higgledy piggledy roofs, lots of street food and people selling anything that can wriggle around in a bucket of water.


    the tower 1

    i have a balcony but its far too hot to sit out there just yet. especially since it is enclosed and that’s where all the air conditioners pump out the hot air, might be a good place to hang up a few ducks to get them nice and cispyIMG_1290

    another good view and the hardest mattress that man has ever made

    IMG_1291the best view however is in the study room (it has a sofa bed to encourage visitors!) that building with the cranes on the top will be the world’s second tallest.IMG_1294IMG_1319


    im a bit hooked on the night time views so expect more of this. its good for me because i’m quite capable of staring out the window and getting little donenight view 1


    most importantly i’ve got my local sorted, since the local brews are pretty rubbish, i found Jackie’s Beer Nest a tiny bar with three tables. but more importantly three fridges, full of world beer, mostly Belgian. I beleive in an emergency i could make it there in under 5 minutes if the wind is blowing in the right direction and i don’t get run over.beer nest

    man on a bike after some Westmallebicycle

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  5. June 21, 2012

    i found this

    a work in progress i saved out ages ago for one of the Royal Danish Ballet’s children stories . i actually prefer it to the finished one. I must learn how to leave things unfinished sometimes (click 2 c it bigga!)


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  6. May 23, 2012

    The Exhibition Reborn in Insect Form (part 3 live drawings)

    Improvised drawings projected live at the gallery..

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  7. The Exhibition Reborn in Insect Form (part 2)

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  8. The Exhibition Reborn in Insect Form (part 1)

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  9. February 16, 2012

    Upcoming Exhibition/Event Reborn In Insect Form!

    I will be putting on a colaborative show with talented costume designer Stella Cecil. Its for one weekend only and is just off Soho square. Hopefully some new drawing and live projected drawing on the friday night. Also my book ‘Greedy Pigs’ is finally finished and will get its first public outing! It has over 100 pages and over 50 illustrations so is by far my longest and most complex book!


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  10. November 14, 2011

    cherry vodka draw jam

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